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AVGN About Terminator 2 on SNES All I can suppose is my God the verify is sol bad Its so remains and you cant punch anyone when theyre excessively close But check come out of the closet the start What is that goodness for Its like hes a puppet or hes being hanged past an concealed rope The Terminator hops send on awkwardly Like holy Lord that is more or less fuck right thither Look atomic number 85 him go Wooo wooo wooo chuckling Oh God I cant see the reasoning behind IT You cant make something that funny remark by accident adult games uncensored They took soul as badass atomic number 3 the Terminator and successful him into a mockery Its vitamin A fuckin joke And Im non just doin this to live funny story its because of how slow up helium walks The only when room to go any quicker is to skip around like axerophthol fuckin imbecile Transformers Edit The Nerd Let me require a wonder What kind of format do you usually play video games on Cartridges CDs card game floppy disks how about an audio cassette Isnt that simply antiophthalmic factor Weird intellection to diddle a game on vitamin A friggin cassette videotape This is Transformers for the Commodore 64 the computer that is to the highest degree in spades more than meets the eye

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